Irish Dreams


Having been researching musicals and movements of bodies, I attempt to play with the idea of moving image even more in this experimental piece created under the Transgressive Cinema course. Inspired by Chris Marker’s La Jetée, my girlfriend and I took photos of one another over the course of our trip in Northern Ireland. These photos and video snippets are then assembled in post into short sequences that play with movement, including two musical sequences.

Sky Fong (Writer & Director) 

This film was made as part of the module LICA373: Transgressive Cinema: advanced practices

Film Synopsis 

Irish Dreams is assembled from the footage my girlfriend and I have taken during our trip to Northern Ireland. The film is a series of experimentation with photos and videos, where static photos are put together to create movement.

Sky Fong – Director, Cinematographer, Editor
Sky Fong is a third-year Film and Creative Writing student who has been involved in many student productions, including being award-nominated for directing “Platform”, and directing “Pop!” alongside Sam Turnbull. He has also worked on other productions as director of photography, including “The Monster You Are” and “White Daffodil”. His research and films are focused on dealing with musicals and movements of bodies, and especially how they relate to his personal experience as an immigrant from Hong Kong, which is evident in his dissertation film “Out of My Place”.

Eloise Cook – Cinematographer
Eloise Cook is a third-year Maths student who has worked as 2nd assistant camera on “Pop!” and “Cold Calling”. She has also directed “Railed” for the Filmmaking Society and worked on “Melancholy of Being” as a production assistant.


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Sky Fong