I’m Not Really Here
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Film Synopsis:

As a part of the LICA 359 Experimental cinema module, I'm Not Really Here explores the journey of maladaptive daydreaming through mixed media as a means to convey the contrast of reality and the mind. The short film depicts two girls in conversation while one struggles to keep present in the moment and drifts off into her mind. 

Alessa Maitland Smith (Director)

This film was made as part of the module, LICA359: Experimental Cinema: Theory and Practice..


Beatriz Rosmaninho as Girl 1
Natalie Hui as Girl 2 
Ana Maria Martins as The Day Dream


Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Animator, Sound editor: Alessa Maitland Smith
Assistant Animator: Samira Shaaban

Samira Shaaban - Assistant Animator
Samira Shaaban is a BA Film and Theatre Student in her final year who has taken part in many film projects as Director, Cinematographer, production designer, and now assistant animator.

Alessa Maitland Smith - Director
Alessa Maitland Smith is a BA Film and Theatre student in her final year who has worked on short films such as Boarding the Midnight Train (2022), As We Go (2023), Just Keep Practising! (2024) and White Daffodil (2024) as cinematographer. 
Ana Maria Martins 
Ana Maria Martins is a 3rd Year BA Film and Theatre student who has experience in both acting and directing. She has worked on projects such as Boarding The Midnight Train, As We Go, and many more. 
Natalie Hui
Natalie Hui is a BA History and Philosophy student in her final year.
Beatriz Rosmaninho
Beatriz Rosmaninho is a BA History and Politics student in her final year.

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