Ella Butler

I use simple shapes and blocks of colour to create abstract compositions that allude to spatial complexities. These spatial complexities are a result of the tensions I create between the paintings centre and its edges. My approach to painting is both playful and intuitive, informed and underpinned by exploring colour in relation to illusionistic space.  

Through my painting process I am seeking to create a composition that has harmony and balance. Contrast is very important to me – light versus dark, hard versus soft, translucent versus opaque. I have used the overlaying of translucent shapes with opaque ones with the aim of creating a sense of light coming from within the painting. Between my paintings and within each painting’s composition I am using reoccurring shapes, so that the paintings I create feel like echoes of each other – an endless iterative process. 

Imperfection is an aspect of painting that I admire in other artists work, the noticeable brushstrokes, imperfect shapes, that manage to articulate a sense of visual thinking. I aim to paint with a sensitive and thoughtful approach, while still using bolder compositional decisions. I am using imperfection and my painting process a way of keeping my paintings autobiographical and personal to myself as an artist, viewing each painting as a process of thinking and overcoming issues to arrive at a final painting that feels complete.