Elizabeth Wright

My work is based around perceptual abstraction, specifically how optical illusions can be utilised to explore the aesthetic language and values of painting. Integral to my practice is how the work is received by the viewer, specifically the visual impact of my form of perceptual abstraction on my audience. I work predominantly in black and white, however I have previously experimented with colour, assessing its impact on the way the work is received by the viewer. While my experimental approach to practice explores the possibilities of colour and composition, I find the audience can become be distracted by colour.  I find the use of black and white is more effective in communicating my ideas. I work with acrylic paints as I find these easier to manipulate, I also use different mediums and tools to create specific effects. As my practice has developed, I have been influenced by Op Artists such as Frank Stella and Edna Andrade, however unlike their hard-edged abstraction, I find that incorporating small errors and imperfections in my painting, establishes an interesting dialogue. This approach: dialogue between earlier forms of perceptual abstraction, characterised by clean and precise edges, and my contemporary exploration of the subject with the inclusion of mistakes adds to the works overall success. I find this discourse very interesting, and it is something I will continue to explore throughout my work.