Film Synopsis

‘E-MOTION’ is an experimental short film that explores the relationships between movements (motions) and emotions, combining personal perception of memories and experiences of anxiety with interpretations of unconsciousness. 

By reflecting on the self and undergoing both a physical and psychological journey, (from the woods to the field, reflecting an internal space) the protagonist’s perceptions of the self are examined and reconstructed – a metamorphosis took place.  

This film was made as part of the LICA359: Experimental Cinema: Theory and Practice    

Director’s Statement

E-motion is my first solo experimental film, centred around 1 character. Directing, filming and editing all by myself allowed me to develop the theme of ‘emotion expressed through motion’ conceptually and technically.  It also allowed me to explore my vision unrestricted, having the freedom to play around and build a personalised approach in the production process.

Following the character with anxiety, journeying through the woods and dream-state spaces, the audience is invited to the meanings behind the reconnections of ‘mind and body’ that the character was striving to achieve. E-motion stimulates a visualised model for individuals going through internal and external pressures, trying to inspire audiences with courage to resolve the conflicts between the present, memories and prospects. The character’s journey to self-acceptance involves rich sensory experiences, intended to create heart-moving quality towards the end as she reaches a balanced state of mind.

 Siwen Huang (Director)


Siwen Huang 
The director of the film E-MOTION. The DoP of awards winning film It's Just A Parcel (Turnbull, S. 2023). Interested in photography, with experiences as cinematographer, sound designer, gaffer, actress and behind-the-scenes photographer in various short film and theatre projects. 
Mercia Zhu  
The actress of E-MOTION 
A financial mathematics student. Adventure into the realm of film production for the first time. Assuming new responsibilities is akin to embarking on a completely other existence. Gained a new viewpoint on the story and had an unparalleled feeling of liberation. I am able to articulate my ideas without any limitations imposed by the confines of the real world. This has been an exceptional experience, and I am immensely thankful to Siwen for providing me with the chance to express my creativity. 
Lin Guo  
Assistant gaffer of E-MOTION  
A postgraduate film studies student with interests in photography and editing. With multiple experiences in participating in fictional and experimental short films. 

Behind the Scene Photos

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Siwen Huang