Dead Bodies Moving


Dead Bodies, Moving Bodies is inspired by Maya Deren’s experimental works and put the theories she proposes into use through GoPros. The film attempts to explore the ideas of loss and grief, and how they have affected me and Maya in our journeys as immigrants in the UK. It acts as a connection to our grandfathers and the past in our home country.

Sky Fong (Writer & Director) 

This film was made as part of the module LICA359: Experimental Cinema: Theory and Practice.

Film Synopsis 

Dead Bodies, Moving Bodies is a four-screen projection film inspired by Maya Deren and her works that relate to movement. Using footage from both GoPro cameras and a phone camera, four different perspectives of the dance and kung fu movements are put together on the screens. These movements act as an homage to our grandfathers and explore the relationship with the dead through our narration and movements.

Sky Fong – Director, Editor
Sky Fong is a third-year Film and Creative Writing student who has been involved in many student productions, including being award-nominated for directing “Platform”, and directing “Pop!” alongside Sam Turnbull. He has also worked on other productions as director of photography, including “The Monster You Are” and “White Daffodil”. His research and films are focused on dealing with musicals and movements of bodies, and especially how they relate to his personal experience as an immigrant from Hong Kong, which is evident in his dissertation film “Out of My Place”.

Maya Rivera – Dancer, Choreographer
Maya Rivera is a first-year student who has dance experience spanning over 14 years and have trained primarily in ballet and contemporary dance. She is a part of the competition team for Lancaster University’s Dance Society and have experience dancing with the Philippine Ballet Theatre and the Royal Ballet.

Maria Hill – Cinematographer
Maria is a third-year Film and Creative Writing student who had training in dance and acting. She has worked behind the camera as the writer-cinematographer for “Platform” and has also directed her dissertation film, “Fleas”.


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Sky Fong