Film Synopsis

Lily, someone who has issues with memory, struggles with day to day life and uses cooking as a source to vent frustration. After an argument with her boyfriend, James, Lily invites him to a dinner with her flatmates, only James doesn’t arrive the way he intended to…

This film was made as part of the module LICA259: Short Film Production.


Lizzie Mccoy (Lily)
Aison Clark (James)
Hannah Ford (Flatmate 1)
Skylar Qu (Flatmate 2)


Director - Anysia Hall
Producer - Phaidon Christopoulos
Cinematographer - Samuel Poon
Production Designer - Eve Hyman
Writer & Editor - Harry Deegan
Sound Recordist & Designer - Roshan Adve
Assistant Director - Hannah Ford
1st Assistant Camera - Skylar Qu
2nd Assistant Camera - Luke Shilliam
Production Design Assistant - Beth Cooper
Boom Operator - Amy Barlow
Gaffer - Jack Leafe
BTS Photographer - Grace Sage
Post-production Assistants - Samuel Poon, Roshan Adve

Skylar Qu (Flatmate 2)
 My name is Skylar Qu, I was assistant camera and actor for flatmate 2. My favourite film is Nuovo Cinema Paradiso(1988) and i'm big fan of Kore-eda Hirokazu. I also can't say no to rice noodle!!!

Samuel Poon
My name is Samuel and I am the cinematographer. I am in charge of the visuals, including camera (movements, angles), lenses, lighting and colours. My favourite film is Tenet and I don’t have a favourite director. My favourite food is probably ramen.
Roshan Adve
My name is Roshan and I did the sound for this film. My role on the project was planning what sound samples to record in pre-production, operating the zoom recorder on set and crucially, sound designing the end product. 

My favourite food is tofu in any form - fried, scrambled, roasted you name it.

I don’t have a favourite director but I love Agnes Varda, Lynn Ramsay and Wes Anderson and my favourite film is How to Train Your Dragon (2010).
Phaidon Christopoulos
My name is Phaidon, I’m the producer for ‘Consume’. My favourite director is Wes Anderson and my favourite film is Fantastic Mr. Fox. My favourite food is souvlaki.
Lizzie Mccoy (Lily)
 My name is Lizzie McCoy, and I play the part of Lily in Consume :) I love watching films, so actually taking part in one has always been something I've wanted to do; as you can imagine, being on set seeing a crew at work was very surreal. What with the long hours it took to shoot everything, watching the crew immediately start on the editing, it gave me a huge amount of respect for the filming process. Whilst auditioning, I told them that this was the first time I would ever be working on a film, and they decided to take me on - I am obviously very grateful that they gave me the chance. It's been a really worthwhile opportunity, and even though we shot it all in under a week, I think I've learnt a lot. Thank you to the Consume crew and Film Department at Lancaster University, and I can't wait to see what else these talented people have in store!

Harry Deegan
My name is Harry, I am the production groups editor. I take on the role of editing, most of my work is during post production. While there is a lot of organizing files, it was great to be a huge part of how the final film looked. One of my favourite directors is David fincher. And favourite film, Bridge to Terabithia. As food was a huge initial concept for the script my favourite food is lasagna.
Hannah Ford (Flatmate 1)
My name is Hannah, I am assistant director and also flatmate 1 in ‘Consume’. My favourite Director is Quentin Tarantino, and my favourite film is Kill Bill. My favourite food is my mothers homemade meat and potato pie.
Eve Hyman
My name is Eve Hyman and I’m production designer on ‘Consume’, meaning I’m in charge of visual aesthetics and the practical effects we used during filming. My favourite director is Hayao Miyazaki, my favourite film is probably Coraline (2009) and my favourite food is my mum’s macaroni and cheese :)
Anysia Hall
My name is Anysia and I am the Director of Consume. My role on the project was finalising any decisions on set, pre and post production and organising the crew and actors. My favourite food is noodles. My favourite director is David Fincher and my favourite film is Shutter Island.
Aison Clark (James)
I am Aison Clark. I have acted in other films before and I have died off-screen in two of them but I finally get to die on-screen in this film. My favorite directors are David Fincher and Zack Snyder. Movies I love are Rurouni Kenshin: The Beginning, The Social Network and the Snyder Cut among others. My favorite food is falafel with hummus.

Behind the Scene Photos