Connor Macintyre

My practice has been a continuous exploration of environment and space in relation to one’s self. As my work has developed, the idea of space in all its forms (physical, digital and mental) has become the central focus of my painting. Having always had a fascination with paint and the freedom and power it can provide creatively, my work has continued to push conventional limits for what a painting can visually achieve.  

My paintings capture a moment in space, often developed through personal reflection and intuition. The medium of paint has allowed me to expand on my own personal ideals, experience and the value of creating. As I continued refining my visual style, the digital side to my practice became increasingly important in aiding what I was trying to achieve. Fragmenting and editing my paintings in the digital space revealed new compositional and thematic ideas, further abstracting the forms I was working with. 

Through my painting I aim to convey disjointed, uneasy yet life affirming depictions of the human experience. My process has been influenced by philosophy as much as the arts. Questions on the human condition in relation to our environment has continually informed my  approach and views about my own works. In doing so I have developed a strong analytical and critical approach to art, manifesting in an on-going search for universal ideals within my work. 

As a painter I feel it necessary to always be looking for ways to expand the limits of my practice, with the digital space continuing to provide me with a new outlook on the role of painting in contemporary arts. Painting throughout history has established artistic merit, however I feel as though our conceived limits for what painting should be and can achieve will always be expanding- we as painters are tasked to discover what is next.