Christine King

As an artist, I aim to explore speculative ideas in a fun and playful manner. I strive to craft underlying narratives which act as invitations into the indulgence of new worlds. Primarily, I work with drawing ink, the most compatible medium for me. With a controlled, refined approach to working, I find that ink perfectly complements my hatching process wherein I believe my work truly comes alive. It is architectural in the sense that every line is integral to the construction of the drawings as they develop. Drawing allows for complexities and intricacies to emerge from the images. My process is meticulous but nonetheless rewarding. It is a very cerebral method, requiring me to be in the moment.  

What influences my work is happenstance - primarily centring around whatever interests me at a given time - topics ranging from literature, science and philosophy. It is a pseudo-intellectual approach. My recent tendency has been to depict subjects from a far distant future, ranging from mutated, genetically modified fruit and technological viscera. Currently my practice is more grounded, visiting the idea of aestheticised hoarding, wherein a more maximalist approach to working is used to form a scene from the eyes of the hoarder themselves. Though my subject matter varies, the process ties my practice together. Whatever tangential road I traverse is fundamentally linked by my method of working and a shared aesthetic principle. I endeavour to make visible the time and labour invested in the work’s production. The viewer is urged to look closely at the detail, at each individual line, in order to apprehend the nuances inherent in each piece.