Charlie Munden

Through animation, film and spoken poetry I developed a piece that would allow viewers to experience the thought process of a victim of PTSD first hand. Throughout my degree I developed a series of skills, focusing on rotoscoping and spoken poetry. I began taking an interest in poetry as an art form when I was young and began to incorporate this into my work, accompanying my writing with film and installation. However, I began to take an interest in animation after my discovery of To This Day, a poem by Shane Koyczan that was released with an animation credited to Giant Ant Studios. The animation in this work enhanced the powerful message Koyczan portrayed. Although, I wanted to create work that would encapsulate the viewer. I originally began looking into developing an interactive installation on the relation between man and technology and created a series of rotoscoped animations. However, in this process I lost the element of literature that I was so passionate about. I began working on a piece that combined my editing skills with film, animations and spoken poetry. This was the perfect combination to allow me to express the overwhelming emotions that take over the human brain when experiencing PTSD. I created a film from the first-person perspective, which I believe was the best approach to this work. Many artworks of similar context are created for the audience to follow a storyline; however, this piece was created with the intent of appearing broken. The inability to understand the voiceover replicates the thought process during a traumatic event. The animation and film accompanying the audio appears disjointed, yet still in relation to the sounds that surround the viewer. This work has become a significant turning point for my passions and skills as an artist.