Caitlin Finn

My practice is based in the exploration of interior space and the boundaries between fiction and reality. I explore this through the construction of paper-based miniatures that exist between being real, inhabitable locations and inaccessible, imaginary spaces, engaging their scale and their characteristics as intentionally assembled environments, to incite a desire in viewers to exist within them, yet render the materialisation of that desire to be impossible.  

To further extend an audience’s desire and impossibility to see, understand, and interact with more in these spaces, I lean on my fascination with the idea of the haunted house – the existence of stories that linger and spaces that become filled with what once happened inside them. As a result, my work explores the interrupted and interconnected narratives that take place in these frozen scenes with both their visuals and accompanying auditory performance, playing the themes of absence and presence, escapism and reality, comfort and discomfort, and the lasting impacts the spaces we inhabit have on us and we have on them.  

I aim to engage with both contemporary sculpture but also draw from practices rooted in paper crafts and model making. Outside of the conceptual, exploring the versatility of paper as a sculptural medium and taking full advantage of the joy and wonder that can be elicited from the intricacies of miniature models exist at the core of the practical processes of my work.