Bryony Currie

Emerging from daydreams, the worlds that I build, and the narratives, creatures, and landscapes that constitute them refract together my interior life with ideas, visual material and tropes from mainstream culture.  

In the world we live in, with the vast amount of news and information offered through digital channels, it is becoming harder to escape from a vision of reality as happening ‘elsewhere’ and focus on yourself. Contradicting this tendency, the worlds that I build offer an escape inward, to one’s own feelings and sensations. The world I have created, is shown in a variety of mediums, from drawing and sculpture to animation, and each of them feature a motif of portals, tunnels, interior spaces that encourage self-reflection in the audience: asking how can we be differently in the world?  

I often use animation and find the animation method of hand-drawing each frame deepen the focus of my practice of being in that world, as I bring it to life. Through sculpture I mould and visualise the beings that populate my world, understanding them in an intimate way, making material choices that resonate with the character and ecology of the characters emerging from my imagination. Many segments and ideas of these worlds begin with sketches and pen and ink drawings, in which the world is viewed in momentary stillness, which audiences see as a background. The integration of various methods adds to the fantasy of the work, reflecting maps of Tolkien, sculptures of Carissa Swenson and Forest Rogers and animation of Studio Ghibli.  

The work I exhibit here seeks to establish a world and depict the interaction of various creatures or species, which I call Ragstolls, Boulardiis, Rakonets, Buffins, Groggfilks, Niamdrajonals, The Children and The Cremature. The animation created and sculptural pieces alongside it show their personalities, ways of interacting and how they shape their world.