Bruno Ruiz-Huerta

I’m a Madrid-based artist who aims to express rebellious, ontological, and political themes in a critical and humoresque manner. I like to constantly switch between mediums and materials because not one approach is precise enough to capture every aspect of the human condition. This uncommitting will has allowed me to explore the diversity of art approaches in depth and has served as a basis for a wide skillset.  

Generally, my work fits into discussions of consumerism, high and low art distinctions, and contemporary aesthetics. It is a tendency in my practice to scrutinize living in urban spaces – I have tried street art and investigated digital addiction and surveillance through video installation and AI. This has led me to become interested and document a wide array of subjects and behaviours in my work that have fluctuated over time. Despite my practice being extremely heterogeneous, there is an overarching drive to understand the world through a critical lens, and to find a way to live life expressively in a generation where it seems very hard to.  

Overall, sculpture has always been paramount in my work, since I enjoy the object’s presence inhabiting the same space as the viewer. In the techno-fossils presented here, process becomes the most important element of the pieces. By searching for trash in populated areas, one becomes more conscious of their surroundings, seeing the dark side of the consumerism moon. To reassemble these findings in creative ways is to provide new meaning to otherwise used, abandoned, maybe even detested items. Casting their physicality with plaster results in a jumbled conundrum that transcends size, they appear simultaneously minuscule and of gargantuan magnitude. The details and distribution of the structures and formations confounds the spectator, as they ask themselves whether they are looking at a city or a pile of miscellaneous junk. 
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