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The purpose of this project was to visually raise awareness to the conscious and subconscious collective human greed for money, and how said greed can blind us to the excessive exploitation of natural resources that we need to survive. The film is comprised of two animation techniques: Claymation and Cutout and utilises found footage which is superimposed throughout the animation. Broken serves as my first attempt at creating an animated film. 

Naomi Onakunle (Writer & Director)

This film was made as part of the LICA359: Experimental Cinema: Theory and Practice    

✿ Festivals selections:

1. Up North Arts Exhibition (accepted)
2. Lancaster International Film Festival (selected)
3. SmolShorts Film Festival (accepted) 

Film Synopsis

Broken, is a 12 frame-per-second (fps) short experimental stop motion film about our home planet, Earth, being destroyed because of human activities. 

Cast & Crew

Naomi Onakunle 
I have written and directed short film, Cold Calling (2023), and worked as a sound recordist, producer, and cinematographer, for various student and passion projects. 
Adeola Onakunle 
I have always had an eclectic taste and passion for many forms of creativity. This includes art, design, music, film, live performance and many more. My interest, involvement and experiences in these arrays of expressions is an integral part of what has shaped and made me who I am.  


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Naomi Onakunle