Beyond Superficial

Through authentic interviews and creative individual experiences, the film will explore the pervasive impact of social norms and social media on women's body appearance and the underlying causes of body-appearance anxiety among women. The film will be empathetic and insightful look at women's journey towards true self-acceptance and challenges viewers to rethink traditional notions of beauty. 
Jin Wang and Grace May (Director)

Film Synopsis 

Beyond Superficial Skin: Battling Body Anxiety will explore the intricate relationship between beauty standards, self-perception, and societal pressures faced by young girls and women aged 13-25. Delving into the narratives of individuals from diverse backgrounds, the documentary aims to dissect the impact of media, advertising, and social commentary on shaping perceptions of beauty. Through candid interviews, the film will shed light on the struggles, pressures, and empowering moments in the journey towards self-acceptance. With a focus on fostering understanding, Beyond Superficial will challenge conventional notions of beauty and encourage a more inclusive dialogue. 

The film was produced as part of LICA257 Documentary Practice module.


Director: Jin Wang, Grace May  
Producer: Hiu Tung Cherry Tsang, Ruohan Li 
Cinematographer: Fish Law 
Sound Recordist: Ruby Pan  
Sound Mixer: Hiu Tung Cherry Tsang  
Editor: Hiu Tung Cherry Tsang  

Behind the Scene Photos