Anna Waring

At the core of my practice, my work explores the notion of anthropomorphism, the links and boundaries between animals and humans, and the potential vulnerability of said links. Inspired by the symbolism created through attributing human characteristics to animals, my work depicts the boundaries between the two. 

My process is informed by an initial creation of small clay figures representing simplified forms of animals that I base the paintings on. My work has recently explored dynamics created between multiple figures in one piece. I strive to explore further dynamics that exist between the figures and the backgrounds of the pieces, and to portray bold gestural forms that can be observed throughout my work. These forms allow for the material to articulate contrast. Employing simplified forms of the animals and animal-human hybrid creatures that I am portraying allows for a dichotomy to be portrayed between the backgrounds and the subject matter. 

The paintings invite the viewer to consider how we as humans view ourselves as above animals, and the boundaries that we have created between us and animals. The audience must consider the choice to portray specific animals, namely hares, foxes and goats. These animals can be seen as being representative of the women who have been treated as less than human in times such in the duration of the witch trials. The animals stand as metaphors for said persecuted women.