Amelia Jameson

Over the past three years of this course, I explored personal motifs that covered aspects of identity and how I see myself as well as what makes up my identity. The main and most recent subject I covered within my work being hair. In my second year of study, I focused on the over beautification of hair and the visuals of hair.  This then progressed and developed in my third year my work to become three dimensional and sculptural, whereas previously my work was drawing, painting and two dimensional. As I entered my third year of my course, I wanted to challenge myself and create work nothing like I had before. My drawings visually developed into plastered fabric sculptures, with the fabric being moulded and draped upon a mannequin head, to represent head scarves and hair coverings.  Through these head coverings I wanted to convey and had a security blanket as a main drive of inspiration. With the idea of a security blanket being represented by hair, and how humans use their hair as a security blanket and hide behind their hair. People find confidence within their hair in its appearance, it fuels confidence or fuels insecurities. Upon my security blanket sculptures, I drew and embellished the outer and inner plaster with graphite drawings of hair, attempting to create the illusion of flowing and cascading hair. The drawn strands of hair being drawn upon an object which is and would physically block and cover someone’s hair if they were to wear the sculpture, juxtaposes the desire to cover the hair underneath the garment with its role as a piece of emotional armour like being a security blanket. In covering up the figure's hair, yet simultaneously making it visible through drawing, the audience is forced to look and gaze upon the hair, subtly judging and creating opinions of the figure's hair.