Alicja Dobosz

My work revolves around merging traditional and digital art forms to explore themes
such as identity and the interactions and connections between people. This year, I
started by exploring Lancaster city, with a particular focus on Market Square. Initially,
my aim was to delve into the past and present connections in Lancaster and its rich
history. However, as the project progressed, I found myself drawn to specific elements
of the city, particularly its markets and various stalls, which I felt encapsulated the
atmosphere and essence of Lancaster.

Throughout my work, I have utilized a variety of styles and techniques, ranging from
traditional photography to digital media and projections. These methods have enabled
me to create artworks that bridge the past and present, bringing together different
layers and narratives of the city. The dynamic interplay of these mediums allows me to
highlight the evolving interactions within Lancaster and its surrounding areas.

I have drawn inspiration from numerous artists and authors throughout this project.
Krzysztof Wodiczko's ability to use projection and the environment to create meaningful
artworks has profoundly influenced my approach. Georges Perec's meticulous
observation of locations and the interactions within them, as exemplified in his book
"An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris," has also been a guiding influence. By
adopting Perec's observational techniques, I have been able to capture the nuanced
interactions that define the markets.

Chloe Dewe Mathews' documentary photography, which focuses on the relationships
between people and their environments, has inspired me to capture intimate moments
and reveal the deeper stories within them. Additionally, Marja Pirilä's use of projections
to create spaces that merge interior and exterior worlds, while exploring the power of
light and its connection to subconscious feelings, has informed my own
experimentation with light and projection.

At its core, my work explores the interactions between people and their environments
and through it, I aim to uncover and celebrate these connections, presenting a
multifaceted narrative that resonates with the vibrant life of Lancaster.