Alexandra Angeles Caycho

My practice has become intertwined with the complexities of the human body as my health has brought unexpected troubles. My works reflect the experiences and insights I have gained, both pleasant and negative. The body is a complex collection of cells living in cohesiveness and dependent on one another. There exists a beautiful and yet also ugly truth to the human body. While the exterior is appealing and regarded as art, the internal workings are often thought of as unsightly. Even though these internal organs are what keep giving us life, there is also the harsh reality that while our body mainly works towards our survival and success, there are times when it fails us reminding us that our time on earth is limited. Sometimes, the body is simply too frail or inadvertently works against us, bringing our downfall. 

The sculptures aim to remind the viewer of organs with deliberately ambiguous and abstract forms. The viewer is challenged to experience all the textures and organ looking shapes through the sense of touch. Through textures achieved with various materials often associated with construction or craft, the collection gains life.  

Furthermore, with the series of photographs I invite the audience to participate and interact with the sculptures in similar ways. All the while not wanting to provide specific instructions and letting the audience have their own personal experiences determine their movements. 

My other projects