Alevtina Deaton

My work provides a glimpse into my daily life, combining hidden details about my interests and my personal struggles. Despite the relationship to me I reflect upon the connection of my interests and struggles with wider issues in society. 

Life is chaotic. I reflect its layered complexity in my multi-media collage practice, using bold colours borrowed from the aesthetics of K-pop albums and in papers that I have picked up in my day such as medical letters. I find connection and new meanings in the process, whilst also creating clarity within my mind.  

K-pop is a big interest of mine from the music and aesthetics, to collecting albums. However, as a fan I have come to realise that the music industry isn’t as sunny as most people expect it to be, from extreme diets to achieve the perfect body to plastic surgery to alter features. 

These collages are edited online to enhance the true potentials for understanding and allow hidden textures to stand out. Rather than filtering out flaws I prefer to explore them unlike the digital manipulation visible in K-pop that irons out and glosses over.  

My work aims to address concerns of self-criticism and body image/dysmorphia with how much damage it can create to an individual’s life causing mental illness such as eating disorders. It is drawn from personal experiences, but I hope for people to see my work and have an understanding that things that look and seem eye catching are hiding a dark and deeper story. People should be able to hold their own interpretations from their own lives.