Aprocura Auniao
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Film Synopsis

Aprocura Auniao explores self-awareness, inner reflection and sexual awakening through the use of symbolic and surrealist elements in film. The short film conveys the frustration and yearning for unity through darkness’s relation to light as their similar yet juxtaposing nature is explored through their chase. Violent yet beautiful.

Caroline Silva (Director)

This film was made as part of the module LICA359: Experimental Cinema: Theory and Practice.

Artist Statement

An experimental and surrealist approach to understanding the thoughts inside my own head by portraying them in the most ambiguous and convoluted manner possible.


Creator: Carolina Victoria Moreira Sousa e Silva
Assistant Camera: Kelsey Mattinson
Assistant Gaffer: Alisa Sydykova
Score Artist: Ben Branton

Creator: Carolina Victoria Moreira Sousa e Silva




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Caroline Silva